How to secure your cryptocurrency wallet?

In the modern world, you will not surprise anyone with arguments about the features of cryptocurrencies, but still, the topic remains somewhat “mysterious” for many users. Moreover, the cryptocurrency market does not stand still: it is developing, and valuable services that allow you to use Bitcoin are constantly updated.

Anonymity and pseudo-anonymity of BTC

The creator of Bitcoin assured that his cryptocurrency is anonymous. By this definition, he did not mean the total anonymity of payments but something else. In his understanding, cryptocurrency anonymity lacks the need to provide personal data when buying or selling digital money. In this regard, cryptocurrency is anonymous. Its creator did not deceive anyone.

The pseudo-anonymity of the cryptocurrency is explained by the fact that all transactions are recorded. The information is stored on the blockchain. You can trace the movement of digital money between users. If you need to find the transaction chain of a user, then this can be done without difficulty.

Blenders for mixing BTC

The anonymity of transfers can be ensured using a unique platform – Bitcoin blender. These resources significantly complicate tracking cryptocurrency transactions in the blockchain network and, ideally, make it impossible. How does it work? The transaction is split into smaller amounts, mixed between the addresses of wallet owners. After the participant receives the required amount, but several times, to strengthen the level of confidentiality, several withdrawal addresses are added. Such platforms ensure the following benefits:

  • close the opportunity for attackers to analyze the transactions of other cryptocurrency owners,
  • keep personal information confidential,
  • protect against theft of funds by intruders.

Even though the cryptocurrency industry is just getting started, there is no doubt that blockchain technology is slowly transforming the world. Using Bitcoin blenders to protect your digital finances from security forces and intruders is always recommended.

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