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Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX)

Prologue to PCEX

PCEX is an easy to use crypto-trade supporting both computerized cash to advanced money and computerized money to government issued money exchanging. With numerous layers of safety structures, PCEX is one of the most dependable crypto-trades on the planet. The stage has a prevalent request matching instrument and offers limit exchanging to permit the clients to exchange at the best value the market offers.
Probably the greatest disadvantage of crypto-trades is the absence of liquidity; PCEX will frame vital organizations to guarantee high liquidity to clients’ resources. The stage has the most minimal exchange charges in the market to protect the brokers’ net revenues.

PCEX’s Broker/Sub-Broker Channels

PCEX’s agent and sub-intermediary channels are probably the best administrations that the stage offers.
The stage has a thoroughly prepared channel of specialists and sub-dealers who are prepared to direct clients to the best computerized money rehearses. The channel is likewise a connection between the clients and the stage.
As a merchant/sub-representative, assist your clients with extending their pay by driving them to the quickest developing business sector on the planet; the computerized cash market. The crypto-business arrived at its top in the year 2017-2018, by developing into a $14 Billion market with many financial backers. Known as the quickest developing industry in the current market, the crypto-business has the most noteworthy ROI among all speculations, including stock, land, and common assets. As representatives and sub-agents, catch a piece of this beneficial market by helping your clients in dramatically expanding their profits.

Advantages of being a PCEX Broker/Sub-agent

Notwithstanding the chance of entering a thriving industry, PCEX’s intermediaries and sub-merchants enjoy a couple of alluring benefits:
A high business charge: PCEX’s expense structure is leaned towards helping the agents and sub-dealers and less leaned towards simply gathering a benefit. By guaranteeing that the specialists are all around redressed, PCEX expects to grow an organization to clients rather than simply an underlying addition.

Limitless motivations: The stage offers sizable motivators to the specialists and sub-dealers for every individual assistance.

Market preparing: By joining PCEX, the merchants and sub-representatives are qualified for a free preparation from specialists in the field. Panaesha Capital will outfit the specialists with little-known techniques to empower them to direct the PCEX clients to fruitful crypto-exchange.


Join the big league salary industry of digital money exchange as an agent/sub-dealer with PCEX. The stage has probably the best elements on the lookout and offers clients high liquidity and the least exchange charges. Procure high business expenses and appealing rewards while assisting your clients with arriving at their most extreme potential in crypto-exchange.

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